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Incredible Improvisation.

Since 2011, Woody & Sunshine have been making music together. Since 2014, they have performed over 500 concerts all over the US, spinning their high-energy, funk-infused jams in a double helical vortex of harmonic sonic bliss. They draw inspiration from a vast well of musical genres, including, but not limited to, Funk, Jazz Fusion, Bluegrass, Reggae, French House, and Jam Bands. From Woody's live synth drumming and masterful guitar playing to Sunshine's ethereal Jazz banjo technique, the end of a Woody & Sunshine set will leave you craving just one more jam.

Via festivals and venues, W&S have opened for the likes of Keller Williams, Railroad Earth, Larry Keel, Melvin Seals & JGB, John Kadlecik, Jeff Austin Band, and many more.


guitar, synth drums, synth bass, keys, loop station

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banjo, synthesizer

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